Who are we ?


Since the dawn of his youth, at the age of 18, Nicolas Korboulewsky has been fascinated by artificial intelligence. This passion was fueled by the reading of the article on neural networks and backpropagation in the Pascalissime journal. Driven by this flame, he created the technologies VDOM, E²VDOM, and WHOLE. It was in 2006 that Nicolas had the intuition that it should be possible to model language to communicate with machines.

This idea took root and became his personal research project: VAILS, or VDOM Artificial Intelligence Learning System. His ambition was to synthesize web applications from a simple description in everyday language, a project that turned into a lifelong quest.

Long considered a chimera, or even madness, it is this concept that animates today's world of AI, with LLMs such as ChatGPT. This technology, once inaccessible to solitary research, was the missing piece of the VAILS puzzle for a long time. But today, the picture is finally complete and can express its full potential.

Surrounded by a team of specialized engineers and driven by the desire to transform ordinary software into intelligent software, ProSuite.ventures offers unparalleled support to ambitious entrepreneurs who wish to revolutionize the world of business through AI and web development.

Nicolas' epic journey serves as a powerful example of how passion and perseverance can lead to extraordinary achievements and transform our digital future. Like a modern-day hero, he embodies the spirit of innovation and progress that paves the way for a bright future and changes the face of the world.
We merge innovation and passion to propel entrepreneurs towards a revolutionary digital future with SaaS solutions based on V.A.I.L.S. (VDOM Artificial Intelligence Learning System) technology.